Buying land can be a very confusing ordeal. There are many reasons to buy land. Some people buy for investment, some buy to live on the property. No matter why you buy land, we all want to make money with the property in the long run. Here are a list of tips and tricks to help you in the process. These tips are from Max Mosko. Max Mosko has been buying and selling land for over 40 years.
1. Make sure you have electricity in front of the property, or at a minimum 1/2 mile from the property. Its could cost over $2000/pole to bring power to your site.
2. In most cases, you can only build one home per lot. Dont think that if you buy a 100 acre parcel, you can build a whole community. Check with your local zoning office on land use.
3. Try to avoid buying swamp land. Also try to avoid buying low land.
4. One acre home sites can cost 90k. 100 acre home sites could cost 100k. Your better of buying the larger parcel. One day it may be of great value.
5. If you need to get zoning help, see a local in town lawyer. They have have extra pull in their township.
6. If you live in a cold climate, don't expect to sell you raw land in the harsh winter, when its covered with snow.
7. Don't invest more than 2-3 hours away from where you live. It make every step of the buying/selling process more difficult.
8. Make sure you can build at least one home on your property, otherwise it may not be of any value.
If your looking to purchase land, feel free to contact us. We sell land throughout Canada and the USA.